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Why the Guatemalan Blend?

A medium roast Guatemalan Whole Bean Coffee That is 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Fair Trade Organic. This coffee is full bodied, velvety smooth with a touch of brightness and a clean finish.

Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala, approximately the size of Ohio, ranks second in the world (after Colombia) in the amount of high grade quality coffee in produces. It also is one of the most climatically diverse regions in the world. There are seven distinct types of Guatemalan Arabica coffees all varied based on soil, rainfall, altitude and temperature: Antigua, Fraijanes Plateau, Rainforest Coban, Highland Huehuetenango, Atitlan, Volcano San Marcos, and Oriente. For the most part, the coffee plantations are situated in valley's or around volcanic mountains at altitudes varying from 500-5,000 also protected by wind.

Highland Huehuetenango crosses the Cardillera de Los Cuchamatanes with regions higher than 11,800 feet. Coffee is planted in regions elevated from 5,000 - 6,500 feet, located on the border of Mexico. Hot and dry winds prevent frost that creates a unique microclimate. A mild temperature and a subtropical climate contribute to the coffee beans' beautiful appearance and even maturation.

Located in the Huehuetengango region, Finca Huixoc (pronounced "WE-hok") is an estate that started growing coffee in 1940 by Jose Olivia Chavez and is currently operated by his grandson, Jose Alejandro Solis. In the small town of La Democracia, the estate has taken advantage of rich mountain soil and plentiful rainfall to produce what we think is an one of the most elegant and exciting shade grown Guatemalan coffees available. The coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance for the progressive social and ecological practices used in its production. During production, the coffee is hand sorted (also called European Processed) wet processed, and sun dried on cement patios. In Huehue; Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai coffee beans are grown.

Coffee Information

Coffee Origin: Highlands of Western Guatemala, Central America

Coffee Certification: Fair trade Organic

This coffee is full bodied, velvety smooth with a touch of brightness and a clean finish. It displays a rich Swiss chocolate aroma, caramel, cashews and red grapefruit in the finish.

The Huehuetenango region is located on the pacific slopes in southwest Guatemala. This region is known to be one of the best coffee growing regions in all of Guatemala. It's a large, strictly hard bean (SHB) coffee that is shade grown in clay, limestone and volcanic soil at an altitude between 5,000 - 6,300 feet above sea level. The coffee is all hand-picked and prepared using the wet method and sun dried outside on cement patios.

Reference: 100% Specialty Grade Arabica


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