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Why the Costa Rican Blend?

A medium roast Costa Rican Whole Bean Coffee that is 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Fair Trade Organic. Processed 100% naturally, sun-dried and hand-harvested in small batches, this coffee is rare and well worth the cup.

Costa Rican Coffee

Coffee production began in 1779 in the Meseta Central using its prime soil and climate conditions. The government encouraged an increase in coffee production and offered farmers plots of land for anybody who wanted to harvest the plants. In the 19th century, coffee became a main source of revenue and surpassed the tobacco and sugar productions. Coffee is vital to the Costa Rican economy.

Cooperativa de Caficultores y Servicios Multiples de Tarrazu (COOPETARRAZU) is a coffee farming cooperative located in the central region of the San Marcos de Tarrazu Mountains, one of the most famous coffee-growing regions in Costa Rica. Coopetarrazu is a 16 million dollar non-profit organization that provides for its associates a network of services that help them get ahead in the production of coffee. Most coffee of Costa Rica comes from Tarrazu, located in the Southern Pacific Region. The region has rich volcanic soil, humidity, and high altitudes ranging from 4,200 - 5,500 feet above sea level. Overlooking San Marcos, The La Pastora estate grows the finest coffee in Tarrazu. Processed 100% naturally, sun-dried and hand-harvested in small batches, this coffee is rare and well worth the cup. Coopetarrazu is made up of over two thousand members who all grow their own harvests, in trade for membership. The cooperativa generates the highest possible price for each harvest and pays dividends to its members every year. The distribution of these dividends is defined by the amount of coffee turned over to the co-op by each member, therefore allowing each member a piece of the action.

Coffee Information

Coffee Origin: San Jose Province, Central America

Coffee Certification: Shade Grown

This coffee has an aroma of tangerine, heavy cream with vanilla and a delicious buttery toffee finish.

This outstanding coffee is planted and harvested by Coope Tarrazu RL which was established in 1970 and since that time has become a major contributor to the economic development in the Los Santos region of Tarrazu. Coope Tarrazu RL controls the entire production process, from picking the cherry through the milling, drying, and exporting procedures, thereby assuring consistent supervision during the coffee production. Their quality standards are replicated lot after lot, year after year, and that enables them to deliver their excellent quality coffee to the specialty market.

Reference: 100% Specialty Grade Arabica


Coffee Bag Size: 12oz, 6oz