Mayan Buzz Coffee Honduran Travel Pack - 10 Count Coffee Pouches

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Why the Honduran Travel Pack?

Honduran Bold Coffee that is 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Fair Trade Organic coffee. That Honduran Blend Bold Taste In A Coffee Pouch. These Coffee Pouches Are Perfect For ON-THE-GO. Coffee That Goes Anywhere Your Adventure Takes You. Convenient. Travel Pack. Roasted Perfection.

Honduran Coffee

Honduras is considered the top coffee producer in Central America as of 2011. In past years, Honduran coffee growers smuggled their beans into Guatemala, where they would go for a higher selling price, based on the already set selling reputation Guatemala had. The transportation of coffee from one place to another is not considered illegal, since coffee is not a prohibited item. After government tax on coffee exports started to play a role in the coffee business, they boosted production and dramatically improved their coffee quality. Since then, demand has increased and smuggling coffee across the border has become unnecessary.

Honduran Blend coffee is grown by a group of farmers under the name, "Cafe Organico Marcala S.A. or COMSA. It originated from a group of organized producers in the Savings and Credit Rural Box of 2000, interested in selling their coffee to differentiated markets and at better prices. With the support of FUNDER it was founded on December 13th, 2001 as a Variable Stock Corporation. It is formed by 316 partners. COMSA produces around 26,145 quintals of exportable green coffee. Currently the company exports coffee with the Fair Trade Seal, Bio-Latin Organic and Denomination of Origin Marcala (DOP), there are advances for the certification of 50 producers for the UTZ seal.

Coffee Information

Coffee Origin: Department of La Paz, Central America

Coffee Certifications: Fair Trade Organic, Shade Grown

This coffee is complex, bright and perfumed with jasmine and citrus. It is grown under a canopy of shade trees alongside tropical flowers, citrus and banana plants. It has an exquisite orange and peach flavor with a soft velvet body and a toning floral aftertaste which creates a vibrant beverage in the palate. 

Our Honduran Blend coffee is harvested in southwest Honduras high in the Comayagua Mountains in the municipality of La Paz.

All of our Central American coffees are grade SHG and are of the highest quality specialty coffee available.

Reference: 100% Specialty Grade Arabica

Roast Level: BOLD

Coffee Pod Size: .39 oz