What's all the Buzz about?

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What's all the Buzz about?

marco bulnes

Making meaningful connections wherever we are in life is something our owner Marco Bulnes captures within his life and business. In 2015, he made a promise to God to return to Honduras to build a women and children’s clinic in the name of his mother Calixta Angelica who passed away of cancer when he was a teenager. In order to achieve his dream and promise, Marco has lived by three key words: passion, purpose​, and resilience. The passionto give reliable access to healthcare and education, with the purpose of creating opportunities and better futures, and the resilienceto overcome any obstacle.

The oldest of seven children growing up in Honduras, Marco worked on farms and coffee plantations to provide for his mother and siblings. Although he didn’t know it at the time, his role harvesting coffee as a child would later inspire him to use coffee to connect and bring different cultures and communities together through Mayan Buzz Cafe. On November 11th, 2011 Marco loaded up the trunk of his car with 12 pounds of Honduran and Guatemalan coffee and sold it within the communities of Grand Rapids. By 2013, he founded and opened the first Mayan Buzz Cafe.

Among all the beautiful and meaningful connections made over a cup of coffee at Mayan Buzz Cafe, the most powerful connection we want you to feel is between yourself and the lives in Central America that first held the coffee beans used to create your favorite Mayan beverage. We want our communities to think locally and globally. To get involved with changes needed in your local city, and in places where human rights need to be advocated for. Mayan Industries invites you to learn more about the promise that gives meaning and purposeto who we are, the passion​ for what we do, and how these two things give us the resilienceto continue moving onward and upward.