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Community. Coffee. Connections.

What's all the Buzz about?

The most powerful connection we want you to feel is between yourself and the lives in Central America that first held the coffee beans used to create your favorite Mayan beverage. Mayan Industries invites you to learn more about the promise that gives meaning and ​purpose​ to who we are, the passion​ for what we do, and how these two things give us the ​resilience​ to continue moving onward and upward.


We’re All About the Coffee

We are a Grand Rapids, Michigan based company and we care where our ingredients come from and what they contain, and how our products are created and presented. We focus on coffees from Central and South American countries, small batch artisan roasted locally. These premium high-grown beans are well-balanced, smooth and rich in flavor and aroma. If you are looking for another coffee experience, you have come to the right place.


Mayan Buzz Café

Community. Coffee. Connections.

We are passionate about providing premium products within a community style culture of respect and friendly service. We believe in coffee and connections. Come visit one of our Cafés and see what we're all about!

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Amazing selection! I enjoy Mayan Buzz because of the atmosphere and service. Delicious Sandwiches. Best Coffee. Cosy Atmosphere. Convenient Locations. Good for working. Popular with locals. Expert Baristas

Justin W.

The Coffee is to die for and the food is amazing! I recommend trying the chicken salad sandwich. Grab some Mayan Sauce for your sandwich for a tangy & spicy treat! Tasty Menus

Meghan K.

I met here with a group I like to go to. I didn't have any coffee this time around because it was late, but because of their community involvement and good feedback on their coffee i would say this is my favorite local coffee shop.

Mike A.